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Massiv Media – The Channel

Massiv Media has over 14 years’ experience in the media industry offering brands 360-degree media solutions that penetrate the South African market. Massiv Media continues to lead in the commuter sector owning a large majority of Out-of-home advertising sites in SA’s largest taxi ranks allowing brands to communicate and engage with consumers on the move. Consumers are not only on the move but engaging with brands and advertising digitally using mobile phones and these personal devices have become the new Billboard or TV. Massiv Media now brings to market a new digital platform accessible in 11 Taxi ranks where Massiv has a footfall.

‘The Channel’ is a free-to-air content platform that launched in August this year allowing commuters to watch a variety of content accessible via their mobile phones to entertain, educate and engage. The platform has a number of entertainment categories to enjoy from music, sport, lifestyle, entertainment, cooking shows and gospel to mention a few. All these categories cater for a wide variety of interests with convenient, current and targeted content – It makes it easy to pick and choose what category you are interested in.

It works very easily with a mobile phone where the commuter finds and connects to ‘The Channel’
Wi-Fi signal, Types in and registers once with their details (all POPI compliant) and then they can pick and choose from a selection of channels to enjoy.

In each of the category’s brands have loaded and advertised their content to engage with commuters and entertain them in their Kasi. In the near future ‘The Channel’ will also allow commuters to download content onto their phones for them to enjoy outside of the ranks for a limited period, further enhancing the complete viewing experience.

If you want to look at advertising opportunities on the ‘The Channel’ platform for your clients or brands get in touch with Massiv Media.