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Massiv Media – Sebenza Wi-Fi


Massiv Media has over 14 years’ experience in the media industry offering brands 360-degree media solutions that penetrate the South African market. Massiv Media led and continues to lead in the commuter sector of the market owning a large majority of out of home advertising sites in SA’s largest taxi ranks allowing brands to communicate and engage with consumers on the move. The commuter market is one of the biggest consumer markets in South Africa, a R90bn industry with over 18 million trips a day. Massiv has been able to develop and build sites and platforms that communicate with this market effectively over the years and have now launched a new Digital media platform offering brands solutions to connect with consumers in the commuter space with customizable content immediately.

Consumers are not only on the move but engaging with brands and advertising digitally using mobile phones and these personal devices have become the new Billboard or TV. Because of this Massiv has partnered with Sebenza Wi-Fi to deliver internet to the people. Sebenza Wi-Fi is an innovative digital platform where users can access content, media, services and offerings off their mobile phones.

Sebenza offers a free Wi-Fi solution in taxis with 450 currently set up in Gauteng, Free State and Northwest allowing commuters to connect and engage using their mobile phone. With over 50k users per month this intuitive, gamified platform allows consumers to earn “Sebenza Bucks” as they interact with the platform. The platform has content partners, advertising spaces, lead generation, research and games.

Once they have enough “Sebenza Bucks” they can break out the platform by being rewarded with data to then access the internet. Since the launch in 2019 the platform has grown its users & impressions with the average session being 10 minutes. Commuters are signing up and engaging with a number of brands content and because of this the platform can offer advertising clients rich insights from the data collection based on the audience using and engaging with the content. (All POPI compliant).

Sebenza will continue to expand its taxi fleet to 1 000 vehicles by December 2021. They will be present in Ekurhuleni, Durban, Cape Town and Limpopo to increase their national footprint. There are plans to expand into a minimum of 2 000 taxis over the course of the next 12 months.

Sebenza continues to go from strength to strength with plans to grow the platform into 2022 with more taxis, more content and a wider geographical reach in more of SA’s largest taxi ranks.

Have a look at the platform here:

If you want to look at advertising opportunities on the Sebenza Taxi platform for your clients or brands get in touch with Massiv Media.

Download this press release here: Massiv Media Press Release – Sebenza