Digital Solutions

Discover Massiv’s innovative and new digital media solutions delivering content and driving engagement with large audiences

Digital Platforms

iDiskiTV has over 100k subscribers
on YouTube and over 100k page likes
on Facebook. Advertising opportunities
to audiences with interests in soccer
have never been so simple and effective.

Internet for the people!
Sebenza is an innovative
digital platform where users
can access fresh and engaging content
right from their smartphones.

The channel is a free digital platform
at taxi ranks around SA where
commuters can access entertaining
content from their phones while they
wait for their taxi’s.

Digital Rank Screens

Large TV screens situated within taxi ranks (either placed in super tower or free standing) visible for up to 15 meters from the screens.

Content Creation

With our own in-house studios. Explore a cost-effective way to create content for video and audio purposes. Video content creation in the form of recordings in-studio, creating a series of content videos or filming CSI projects or community events. Audio content creation in the form of podcasts and live reads.